Solar Panel Nano Coating


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Feature :-
• Rain repellent
• Good anti-UV and mud resistant
• Excellent super hydrophobic property
• No effect on the windshield transparent
• Improve the windshield clarity when raining
• Excellent abrasion resistant and can last for long time
• The rainproof effect is very obvious when the speed is more than 60km/h

Application area :-
• Car windshield
• Window glass
• Wall glass
• Car body
• Any other glass etc.
• Chemical composition
• Solar Panel
Fluorine-silicone polymer and nano material

Technical data :-
Water contact angle: 110~120º
Duration: 6~12 months
Cover area: 25~30 m2/L

Method of use for ceramics and glass : –
• Wash with plenty of water for removing dirt, dust and other loose deposits
• Clean using ammonia cleaner, detergent cleaner and acid cleaner, solvent cleaner wash with plenty water
• Apply polishing paste and grind surface by hand grinder or by hand tools for activate the surface.
• Wash with plenty water and then clean by isopropyl alcohol (thinner)
• Now apply bond-nc-01 by spray nearly to glass and immediately wipe out by micro fibre in round shape action
• Apply buffing by hand tools or power tool by buffing woollen pad
• Allow to dry for 24 hours and then check water, mud and dust repellency

Package, Storage and Transportation :-
Available in 25L/barrel or customized package Storage period: ~12 months in shady and dry place
The information contain here in is reliable and accurate the best of our knowledge. Technical services will provided
for guidance when required. However, conditions of uses and methods of application are beyond our control, no
warranty is expressed or implied.

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