Most frequent questions and answers

It mainly depends on four things: your usage, your budget, shadow free south facing area available and sanctioned load. Whichever is minimum could be your plant size.

No. The grid tied inverters are designed such that in the absence of AC power signal from the grid, they will stop converting and sending the power from the solar panels. This is required as per safety norms to avoid any casulaity during the maintenance in the grid.

Power back-up inverters and solar inverters are totally two diferent things for two different purposes. The solar inverter has nothing to with your existing power back-up inverters.

AC, refrigerator, TV, washing machine etc. can run on rooftop solar power plant. Whatever the watts may be.

1 KW solar power plant occupies around 70-90 SqFt of space. Actual area varies on case to case basis. Please call us to know more.