Scope & Services

Scope of our solar services for solar installation include:

– Electrical, Civil & Structural Design

– Permits & Liasoning from GEDA & DISCOM (Torrent/DGVCL/MGVCL)

– Supply of Solar Panels, Inverter & Mounting Structures

– Electrical & Structural Installation including earthing

– Commissioning

– Five years service warranty


Balance of System (BOS)

BOS is  components of a photovoltaic system  or solar power plant. We Promise to provide you with the most suitable components available in the market for your need.

Balance of System (BOS)


Solar panel

Solar panel is the most mportant part of solar installation. Solar panels in our solar services are: 72-cell 320-330 Watt panel 1 x 2 mt approx size 10 years product warranty 25 years performance warranty Certification: IEC 61215, IEC 61730, IEC 62804, IEC 61701


Mounting Structure

Solar Power Mounting Structure In our solar services, Mounting structure used for our solar installation is Galvanized/ Hot-dipped MS sections as per requirement for longer life.


Solar Inverters

solar inverters play important role in solar generation. Our inverters have: Inbuilt wifi system and inbuilt DC SPD protection. 5 years standard manufacturer’s warranty Certification: IEC 600068,, IEC 61683, IEC60529 #solar installation #solar services



Miscellaneous items included in our solar installation or solar services are: AC Cables: 2-core mm2, RR/Polycab DC Cables: Single core RR/Polycab MC4 connectors: Phoenix/Nordics or Equivalent Cable tie: UPV Resistant Earthing Cable: single-core 4 mm2, RR/Polycab/Neocab DC/AC Earthing: Maintenance free chemical earthing MCB: Schiender. Ficco Array Junction box: TRIBOX Terminal: Phoenix/Elmex Conduits (Pipe/Elbow/Tee): Precision Pipe